General sales conditions


  • All memberships are valid for a year starting with the first activation following the official opening in September 2018.  The official date will be known and announced soon. 
  • VIP Members (6 months and 1 year) get unlimited access to the cages during opening hours after 4pm and in cohabitation with student groups during the day.  A section on Grand Chelem website the site will let you know how many cages are available in self-service. 
  • Some services, products and fees are limited to certain age groups. A piece of ID may be requested upon subscribing of when you buy some products or services.  
  • The setup phase will be announced very early in August and will last until further notice.  The date may change without notice.  
  • Uses (members or not) accept to follow the rules and regulations available online (soon) and at the Center.