20 Tokens - Batting cages (500 pitches)

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20 tokens of 25 pitches at Grand Chelem, the first and only batting cages facility in Montréal. Choose between baseball and softball to be ready next summer! 500 pitches for you or the ballplayer in your life.

  • Our Token cards are - literally - cards with tokens on it. You can use them anytime you want during our opening hours.
  • Choose one of 3 cages: 2x baseball and 1x softball

You can either pick up your cards at the front desk or get them delivered if you want to offer them as a Christmas gift.

Grand Chelem is located at 3930, Ste-Catherine Est in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.


  • Players under 18 must wear a helmet and players under 14 must be under an adult's supervision.
  • Players must wear flat shoes and winter boots are not allowed in the cages. Think of bringing sports shoes!
  • Users (members or not) accept to follow the rules and regulations available online and at the Center and understand they can get expelled when they don't follow those rules


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